About Manny Emslie

I have over twenty years experience of practising and facilitating Mindfulness and Meditation Practices and Body Mind Movement practice. I also lead Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi sessions. I teach these practices nationally and internationally and at a number of meditation retreats.

I have a vast wealth of experience in delivering workshops and courses within fields of the wider community, education, business, performing arts and other arts practices and for registered charities that include WHAG, Making Space and the Loss Cafe. I am regularly invited to talk at events and at organisations about the benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation Practices. 

My speciality is facilitating Meditation and Moving Meditation sessions as well as leading Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi sessions in group and one to one contexts.

Meditation classes and courses are held on zoom or in a private and spacious meditation studio. To date I have facilitated one to one classes for teachers, barristers, doctors, retail assistants, managing directors, students, construction workers, visual artists, musicians and for those who have retired from a life of working. All courses and classes are non religious. I adhere to the UK Mindfulness Teachers and Good Practice Guidelines. 

It is a privilege and honour to be able to share Meditation practice and Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi with others who choose to learn about and explore ways of slowing down in order to live a calmer, creative and more manageable life, especially when faced with challenges that sometimes can not be changed.

I am committed to a daily sitting meditation practice and having had a personal Tai Chi teacher who mentored me in traditional Yang Style Long form Tai Chi and having studied and been regularly practising Tai Chi Qigng Shibashi, I continue to integrate moving meditation practice into my daily life. Practising all of these on a daily basis enable me to live my life with poise and calmness while also being able to face and move through encountered difficulties with courage and gentle responsiveness rather than with hasty and regrettable reactions.

I studied, successfully, for four years at Bangor University on the Mindfulness Based Approaches Post Graduate course. I also hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning and a Masters Degree (with Distinction) in Movement and Dance. In my younger years I trained as a contemporary dancer at Trinity Laban Conservatoire. And yes, I still perform nationally and sometimes, internationally.