One to One Classes

One to One Classes

I facilitate one to one meditation classes either on zoom or in person in a tranquil and warm meditation studio with views of Frodsham Hill complemented with peaceful gardens.

One to One classes are suited for those who do not want to practice within a group format or who want anonymity. Privacy and confidentiality are assured.

Personalised Breath Meditation Practice Classes (on zoom or in person)

Sessions range from a weekly 60-minute mindfulness meditation sit or a 4 session Introduction to Meditation Practice or I can design a personalised programme that will suit your needs.

Presently, I have a number of one to one clients who meet with me for either a 30 or 40 or 45 minute sit. Some of these clients have been meditating with me for years and some are new to meditating with me. I recommend that you put aside 60 minutes for the first few sessions because I will be helping you with setting up, posture and other essentials that aid with meditating comfortably.

Meditation aids with reducing stress and anxiety so that we live our lives more fully and calmly. It helps to ground us into the present moment and increases concentration.

You will be guided on posture, settling, grounding and on observing the wandering mind. You will be given access to audio recordings for daily home practice.

If you choose to meet me in person, you will have access to a meditation studio with wooden chairs, cushions, meditation stools and yoga mats. 

Please contact me directly if you are interested in one to one Meditation  sessions.