Half and Full Day Mindfulness Courses

Half and Full day Mindfulness and Breath Body Mind classes give us an opportunity to retreat from the busyness and fast pace of our daily lives. They invite us to slow down and experience inner peace while deepening our own meditation practice, which benefits our health and wellbeing. All classes take place in Frodsham, Cheshire.

Open to all.  No prior experience needed

Intentionally slow down and connect with a mindfulness meditation community. The morning is an opportunity to rest body and mind and to put our health and wellbeing at the forefront of our awareness. We will practice lying, sitting and moving meditations. If weather permits we will venture into the garden to practice mindful walking while connecting with nature. Poetry and readings will be woven into the morning. At 1pm you are welcome to stay behind to chat with the mindfulness community while enjoying a slice of vegan cake, chocolates, grapes and fruit juice or water. 


An Introductory Class to Breath Body Mind Practice

Places are limited. Dates to be confirmed.

Cost - £25 Booking is essential.

Open to all 

Breath Body Mind is a groundbreaking practice founded by Drs Richard Brown and Patricia Gerbarg. In this class you will learn breathing practices that activate communication pathways between mind and body positively impacting on the brain and reducing stress and anxiety responses. We'll also practise body tapping, HA Breath, gentle breath movemnt and coherent breathing. The breathing practices have been transormative for many people who never would have imagined something so simple could be so powerful and helpful. People who experience anxiety, stress and depression have noticed significant positive changes in mood, thoughts and their approach to life in general. For further information go to the Breath Body Mind tab on this website.