The Art of Meditation Practice: learning how to meditate

The Art of Meditation Practice: Learning how to meditate

Course Overview

For those new to meditating or those wanting to reconnect with meditation practice. No religious content

This short course is an opportunity to learn meditation practice. The course will include dispelling myths of meditating, setting up conditions for practice, attitudinal foundations of practice, the four postures of meditation practice, correct posture for sitting practice and obstacles we face.

The first class focuses on the nature of the wandering mind and awareness, shifting and holding attention. You will be taught a short body scan practice, walking meditation and a mindfulness of breathing sitting practice.

In the second class while meditating we will cultivate moment by moment awareness of how we are relating to our experience. We will practice ways of skilfully and gently being with our experience without changing it and creative responding. 

The third class  is a practice class and will be led as a mini 3 hour retreat in which we will practice a short body scan, a sitting breath practice, a walking meditation and we will finish on a sitting practice. We will chat about our practice and ways to continue with practice beyond the course. 

In all classes after meditating we will share as a group or in smaller groups what we were aware of during meditation practice. Between classes you will be encouraged to set aside time for a daily meditation practice at home.  If weather permits we will venture outside for mindful meditation walking and a sitting meditation practice in the garden.

Further Information

Lunch is not provided.  Water and healthy, nourishing snacks are available. You DO NOT have to sit cross legged on the floor! You can sit on a chair. For those who want to sit on the floor meditation stools are provided and I will also introduce you to different meditation cushions and options of ways to sit while taking care of the body. Wear loose and comfortable clothing that will not constrict your breath or make sitting difficult. Comfort is important! You are invited to remove your shoes before entering the meditation room.

This short course will plant and nurture seeds of awareness so you can begin to move towards living in the here and now with equanimity and calmness.

All classes take place in a tranquil, warm, spacious and private meditation studio with views of Frodsham Hill complemented by peaceful gardens.