" A beautiful meditation room ... a skilful teacher who really walks the talk and that for me was very important. Truly inspiring"

" I met Manny for one to one classes ... she is kind, caring, patient and encouraging. I am so pleased I've found mindfulness practice"

" I'm a committed member of the half day Mindfulness courses and the Silent Practice days. They are accessible and I learm a great deal from them. It is also wonderful to connect with like minded people "

" The future is brighter than eight weeks ago. You Manny have been very skilful at keeping us all on track. I shall be sorry not to see you all next week "

I got so much out of this course that I'm doing it again! Manny is warm, very kind and really lives what she practices and teaches. She also has a great sense of humour, which I fully appreciated! Brilliant!"

"I was cynical, negative, fed up and finding life in general so difficult .... Don't let your thoughts define you. I am much less cynical and now I can find a positive in what would have always remained a negative"

"If you are thinking about doing this course [MBSR] , don't, just do it and do it as you as soon you can. I've found my smile again and I am able to cope with difficulties at work so much easier than before the 8 week programme"

" I feel the course has been hugely valuable to me. I have learned a lot about myself, about accepting myself and my life as it is, without judgement. I feel lucky to have been part of such a wonderful group of people and an inspirational teacher "

" I have greatly enjoyed the eight week course … I have noticed the benefits of being mindful….Manny your approach to the practice, your encouragement and passion have been an inspiration. Thank you "

" Thursday evening meditation classes are so supportive. I love being with the group and the stillness and silence are much needed! "

" Manny's constant and sensitive support of the group and each individual is both humbling and inspiring "