Weekly Meditation Classes

The weekly meditation class currently takes place on line. We use zoom as an online platform.

One to One meditation classes are also available. 

Further Information

No religious content.

Since covid we have been meeting on zoom and occasionally we meet in person. The zoom sessions are proving to be very popular because participants can meditate in the comfort of their own home, and people who work a full day or/and who have children have expressed that zoom enables them to easily attend the meditation sit.

Those of us who meditate on Thursday evenings have been doing so for a number of years, months or weeks. If you haven't meditated before that is absolutely fine! Some choose to meditate sitting on a chair while others sit on a meditation stool or a meditation cushion, known as a Zafu. If you want to purchase a meditation stool or cushion I can help you to do so.

The class consists of a period of guided practice that is then followed with intervals of silence and guidance. We practice mindfulness of breathing.

We are a community of warm-hearted and kind people who with open arms welcome newcomers and beginners to the group. Meditating alone is wonderful and nourishing but many people find that meditating with others while sharing collective energy is supportive and very powerful. We find that we profit from sitting together as we offer our presence to each other.

The one-hour meditation class is an opportunity to experience stillness and silence in an environment that is, as said by a member of the group, “an oasis of calm and friendship.”

If you want to join us for a sitting meditation practice please contact me directly as booking for the first class is essential and I will give you the zoom codes.